Volunteer Opportunities

Our event is ran solely by volunteers, from the hosts to the parking attendants. Without community involvement and support Tune in the Spring would cease to exist. We appreciate your continued support.

Tune in the Spring Volunteer Application

Currently we have the following opening positions for the 2019 Tune in the Spring:

  •  Front Gate (4 spots)
    • Responsible for directing vehicles, taking entrance  fees, and handing out raffle tickets upon entry.
  • Registration Table (4 spots)
    • Responsible for show entries, taking registration fees, and t-shirt sales.
  • Parking (8 spots)
    • Responsible for directing traffic during events, making sure vehicles are parked in the proper location for judging, and making sure all exits are open in case of emergency.
  • Runners (2 spots)
    • Responsible for relaying information/paperwork from the judges to the hosts. Will only need to be present on show day after 1 pm.
  • Judge (11 spots)
    • Responsible for all judging that takes place during the car show. Each judge will be assigned a class, two to three judges per, depending on class size. If you have a conflict of interest in a certain class, please let us know on your volunteer for. Will only need to be present on show day after 1 pm.

May 11th there will be a volunteer meeting and dinner, location TBA

A mandatory volunteer meeting will take place on Saturday the 11th of May at 12 pm.


There is no monetary compensation, as this is a not for profit event. Volunteers will receive free access to the show and one free car show entry along with an event shirt. Please submit the form at the top of the page to hartley@tuneinthespring.com if you are interested in volunteering at the event.